Amusement industry demands to reopen parks

Bangladesh Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (BAAPA) has demanded the opening of parks across the country.

The establishments were shut down for four months last year and this year the same was done since early April amidst the pandemic’s second wave.

If these amusement parks are not opened now like other business, it will be almost impossible for these establishments to survive or turn around, reads a press release.

Shahriar Kamal, president of BAAPA said, “Many entrepreneurs in the sector will not be able to repay their bank loans properly as the sector has been closed for a long time during the lockdown, so there is a risk that a large part of it will default.”

BAAPA also demanded incentives packages such as loan at 1 percent interest in the interest of keeping the working capital uninterrupted.

Also, BAAPA asked to provide VAT and duty-free import opportunities on various imported rides and other equipment for the construction of new amusement parks and the addition of existing facilities in the next 5 years.

Shahriar also said they had decided to let less than 50 percent of the capacity enter the parks as per the decision of the Bangladesh Tourism Board and various international organisations and to maintain their social distance by installing thermal scanner outside the main entrance of the park and arranging hand sanitisers.

“We have ensured adequate handwashing, regular food courts, and sanitation of rides as well as all measures to prevent coronavirus infection in accordance with the Health Rules of the Department of Health,” he added.